Advanced Theater prepares for opening night


Next month Waxahachie’s Advanced Theatre Class will be putting on One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest for the fall show.

“So far our rehearsals are going really well, and as a whole, we are getting closer together every rehearsal,” junior Noah Elsom, who will be playing the lead male role of Randle McMurphey, said. “I’m very excited to see how the audience reacts to how the show turns out.”

The show consists of many different themes, one of which is disability being stigmatized. This drama is dark and oppressive in the beginning, but changes into a lighter mood later on.

“I have already done this show once, but I wanted to do this show again because of the depth of emotions,” head theater director Andrew Reynolds said. “After last year’s One Act Play, I just knew we had to do this show!”

The Advanced Theater class consists mostly of juniors and seniors that have experience in theater arts.

“When I was younger I saw my dad put on many shows which influenced me to join the Advanced Theatre class,” junior Noah Reynolds, son of Andy Reynolds and playing the character of Dale Harding, said. “So when it comes to acting in plays, I take it very seriously. There are many new faces in the class so we have to soothe into the show. Right now the most important parts are blocking, and character work.”

The show’s opening night is October 20th, so mark your calendars and come see One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.