The Grammy No Shows

The Grammy No Shows

Recently the Grammys were held, and many are concerned about why some popular artists did not show. ¬†Artists including Ariana Grande, Cardi B, and Kanye West did not appear at the ceremony, causing the fans to swarm the media with the question of “Why?”.

While Ariana Grande did not specifically say why she did not attend the Grammys, it is believed that the reason behind her no-show was that the award show was moved from Los Angelos to Las Vegas in a little amount of time. While I agree that this could be the case, there is also another possibility that there was another reason that Ariana does not feel c comfortable sharing.

Another popular artist that did not end up attending the Grammys was Cardi B. Cardi said she did not attend the Grammys due to the fact that she “does not have a new song or album out”. This caused famous singer and rapper, Cardi B, to be harassed all over social media, resulting in Cardi deleting all social media as a break from the hate.

The last popular artist to be absent was Kanye West. Most of us are up to date on all of Kanye’s drama, and many were already not expecting the artist to show. His excuse for not attending was that he did not want to deal with the social media drama. I do not personally blame Kanye, for I would have not attended either.

There are other artists who also did not attend, and their reasonings come close to the following artists. While it is not any of our business, the media continues to hate on these popular songwriters. Like the fans, I was also upset not to see these people at the award show.