What happened to Coachella?

Was Coachella 2022 really a flop? Where did it all go wrong?

As we move from Coachella weekend, the comments and critics start to roll in. All over the internet people are talking about how Coachella didn’t feel like “Coachella” this year. After being gone for three years, many people were really looking forward to this year’s festival after the long hiatus. unfortunately, for many it just wasn’t doing it for them. People all over social media raged about how bad the festival was, from the outfits to the performances, to the event as a whole.   going to break down everything that was wrong with Coachella 2022.

The off vibe of Coachella

After the lengthy hiatus due to Covid, festival lovers were over the moon to hear that Coachella was happening this year. But a lot of people were let down after actually arriving to the festival. People all over social media raided feeds with complaints about the festival and how bad it was. People came to the conclusion that the reason Coachella wasn’t up to par this year, was that it wasn’t the 2010s anymore. The trends from 2016-to 2019 are so deeply rooted in Coachella culture that the trends we have now made festival-goers feel as if the whole vibe is off.

What happened to the fashion?

The fashion at Coachella this year left a lot of people sitting and wondering what people were thinking and why would they wear such things in the desert during a festival.

Why the performance felt like a “flop”

The biggest complaint from the festival goers were that the performances just weren’t as good as past years. People went on about how the artist at the show wasn’t as good, the most common complaint was that the crowds were dead. In many videos from Coachella, you can see that the artist performing and the crowds sound like they’re not even there. It was also said that a lot of technical issues went down with sounds and lights that just felt a lot of performances looking messy and uncoordinated. Of course, many performances were still amazing and made major headlines, fans favorites were Doja Cat, Billie Ellish, Megan thee stallion, Anitta, Harry Styles, Omar Apollo and many more.