Coming Soon: “Midnights” by Taylor Swift


Photo from Google Images

An unexpected announcement was made on August 28th; Taylor Swift publicized her plans to release a new album that will be called “Midnights”. Although there were speculations amongst Taylor’s fans of a re-recording release, people did not expect an entire new album from Taylor. Now “Swifties” are counting down the days until October 21st, the release date of Taylor’s new album.

Taylor Swift brought up the surprising news of her new album while accepting the award for “Video of the Year” at the VMAs. The new album “Midnights” will be made up of 13 tracks, each of which were composed by Taylor during 13 sleepless nights in her life.

“The songs coming out on Taylor Swift’s new album seem like they will be good because I think artists get their best song ideas spontaneously when they are hurting, not when they are trying to overthink it,” sophomore Marlen Ramirez, one of Taylor Swift’s many fans, said.

Eager for the moment “Midnights” is released, fans are already planning ways to celebrate the upcoming album.

“I am definitely planning a listening party for Taylor’s new album,” senior Gabi Jennings said.

If you are interested in finding new music to listen to this fall, “Midnights” is definitely something to look out for. With the release date right around the corner, there will only be five weeks until people start adding songs from “Midnights” to their playlists.