Disney releases trailer for The Little Mermaid

Disney releases trailer for The Little Mermaid

The long-awaited Disney movie, “The Little Mermaid”, teaser has come out. Fans have been going crazy all over social media and reposting Disney’s video on Instagram.

The teaser starts showing by beautiful ocean graphics, with fish and different creatures swimming around in an array of colors. The camera pans to iconic grotto that Ariel’s things are in is shown, and a glimpse of the mermaid herself was shown.

Some people are thrilled about the new mermaid, and some are not. People have been screaming online about Ariel’s actor: Halle Berry’s skin tone and hair color. Critics claim she cannot be Ariel since the actor does not naturally look like the caucasian, red-headed cartoon. Others are excited, saying the representation is great for POC little kids all around the world.

“I feel like this movie is great representation,” sophomore Alysia Gutierrez said.

Others do not know how to react to the news of the movie at all.

“I don’t know how to feel about this movie,” sophomore Eric Longoria said. “I think the Disney remakes are dull.”

Other students don’t care at all.

“I don’t really like The Little Mermaid movie.” junior Adriana Flores said.