A Look Inside “Doctor Strange and The Multiverse Of Madness”


Cole Spitzer, Staff Writer

“Dr. Strange and The Multiverse Of Madness” is the second installment in the Dr. Strange franchise. The movie was supposed to release on May 6, 2021, but due to COVID delays, the movie was released on May 6, 2022. The movie introduces the first Hispanic, homosexual character, America Chavez. America is a nexus being, meaning she is the only version of herself in the entire multiverse. She has the ability to travel the multiverse through star-shaped portals.

“I like the addition of a hispanic, gay character. It adds more diversity to the Marvel universe.” says Makena Sims, after watching the movie this past weekend.

Wanda Maximoff, otherwise known as the Scarlett Witch, is hunting America in an attempt to steal her power, so she can find a universe where she can be with her children.

America runs into Dr. Strange’s universe, and he helps her evade Wanda for most of the movie.

Strange and America, in an attempt to flee Wanda, land in a universe where Dr. Strange was killed. They run into the council known as “The Illuminati,” where we see John Krasinski make his debut as the famous “Mr. Fantastic of the Fantastic Four.”

Strange then takes a hold of his dead, alternate self in order to defeat Wanda. This takes Strange’s mind to a dark place, but he is able to overcome it with the help of his love interest, Christine.

Overall, “Dr. Strange and the Multiverse of Madness” was a pretty enjoyable and comic, accurate depiction of Steven Strange’s journey to keep America safe, and it shows that even with temptation from the evil of the world, Strange will always stay one of Earth’s mightiest heroes.