Stranger Things Season 4 meets expectations


From playing Dungeons and Dragons in a basement to a letter from one friend to another, Stranger Things has brought its fans on a crazy ride of excitement and suspense. Season 4, which was released on May 27 on Netflix, was definitely worth the wait.

The strong personality development continued with new characters like Eddie and Angela. Eddie provided comedic relief and was a fan favorite. He brings a new bond to the friend group and becomes a central figure in the storylines. Angela, on the other hand, becomes the antagonist.  

Season 4 also keeps viewers on the edge of their seats with suspense-filled storylines taking place in multiple locations. Although confusing at times, everyone comes together in an unforgettable finale leaving everyone eager for season 5. 

If you need something to do and you want to know what everyone is talking about, make sure to check out the new season of Stranger Things streaming on Netflix now.