Scorn; a puzzling horror


Scorn is quite the horror filled game. It was supposed to come out in two parts, but it was able to make a full release instead.

It was originally under a different name, one reminiscent of a phrase such as “meaningless living”, which sets the tone for the experience. The game in question is not one to be played by those who are easily disturbed, for the game is quite unsettling.

In this game you solve puzzles in the flesh infested remains of a futuristic civilization. This leads to a biomechanics design inspired by Giger’s work.

The game has some very dark themes and no dialogue, the story is not explicitly explained. You are supposed to make your own thoughts on the game and use what you see throughout to piece together your own theory.

The biggest aspect of the game though, is being alive with no meaning as the original title suggests. This leads to a dark tone throughout where ultimately it all will very clearly end. I would recommend this game for anyone who is not bothered by the themes I have spoken about. I would also suggest it to anyone with an XBOX/PC with game pass since it’s free if you do. The atmosphere and art style of the game is truly something to marvel at so give it a try if any of the things I’ve said pique your interest.