Normalize Mental Health Conditions


Ann Franklin, staff writer

Sharona may look like your average fifteen-year-old girl. She has a job at Cici’s, and she loves it most of the time. She goes to school every day and does her homework like any other teenager. However, what people may not know is that Sharona suffers from severe depression and anxiety. She said, “Getting work done has been something I’ve really had to push myself to do because of what I go through.”

She has always had an interest in theatre, but she only recently became involved in it. This is her second year in theatre, and she loves it because she is able to use her imagination in a creative way. Theatre has helped her with her anxiety and depression by being able to get more comfortable with being around others and working well with other people. Theatre has impacted her life negatively and positively because she feels a lot of pressure to do good, but it also motivates her to push forward. She is unsure of what she wants to do in her future; however, she does know that whatever she does, it will include theatre. 

Sharona’s friends also have an impact on her life. They are able to keep her going and encourage her to continue living. They encourage her to do things that bring her joy even if she may not want to do it. Her best friend, Remi, said that, “Sharona always makes me laugh and has been my best friend for nine years.” Her friends help her through the rough times and push her to keep going. Even though Sharona suffers through depression and anxiety, she is still able to push herself to be better and still try for things she loves to do.