Sweet Sip To Summer


As Summer is approaching, the teens of Waxahachie High need to find a cool and hip hangout spot. Lucky for them, ABC Boba is the perfect place! 

Located at 791 N Hwy 77 Suite 501-A1, Waxahachie, TX 75165, it offers many sweet and refreshing treats like smoothies, milk teas, fruit teas, and slushies. There are many different flavors ranging from classic vanilla to red guava to lavender. The drinks can be taken by themselves or by adding the famous bursting boba, which also comes in many flavors, or tapioca pearls, or jellies, and even pudding. Aside from boba drinks, ABC Boba also offers many different flavors of mochi and small pastries. 

“I like to try something new each time I go get boba, it’s so fun,” said Senior Amy Hernandez. “My favorite drink so far is definitely the strawberry milk tea with strawberry bursting boba.”

Not only does this place have great food and drink, but the actual store is so cozy and cute. The decorations are so pretty to look at, and they have comfortable seating to sit at while waiting and drinking. There is a corner in the store that has a shelf of many board games, puzzles, and books one can enjoy using with their friends or by themselves. 

“Every time I walk into that boba building I feel at home in a way,” said Junior Ashley Salazar. “It’s so cute in there.”

ABC Boba is open Monday through Thursday from 12 pm-8 pm and Friday through Sunday from 12 pm-9 pm. Those are like prime summer hours! It’s quite affordable, the most expensive drink they have is a large smoothie at $5.19. 

“Me and my oboe gang like to visit ABC Boba to celebrate special occasions,” said Senior Logan Boyd. “When we all made state, we went to treat ourselves to a cup of boba.”

Overall, ABC Boba is a great place to regularly visit throughout the hot summer days. The refreshing drinks will make you feel so cooled and relaxed. Anyone who hasn’t had boba should at least give it a try, and they won’t regret it.