Little Home Business


Emma Nash has had a love for rings for as long as she can remember. Everywhere she goes, she has to have rings on her fingers. It does not matter how many rings she has; she is always up to buy more.

This year, Nash started her own jewelry business, which is growing more every day. “I was bored and wondered if I could do it,” Nash said. She got her inspiration from the app TikTok. Many creators on the app started making jewelry as a hobby or to pass time, especially during the summer quarantine. She saw so many people doing it and followed the trend in her own creative way. Emma makes her rings hand-made, taking hours at a time every night to make all of her client’s orders. She also not only makes rings but creates earrings as well.

She plans to continue her business through the summer, creating more summer-themed jewelry to complete her collection. “I want to make something for everyone, so I am always open to new ideas,” Nash said. You can give your own jewelry requests to Emma on Instagram at emsringsantings.

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