Baylee Burnett’s Senior Experience


Bailey Burnett is one of many seniors graduating this year and she shared some insight into a high schooler’s senior year.

”You feel a sense of maturity and finality, like this is it,” said Burnett.

Bailey wishes to be a trauma psychologist after college.

“Knowing what I have been through, helping other people heal mentally is what I’d like to do,” Burnett said.

When asked about her stance on mental health, Burnett wants other to understand it’s very hard for those who have not experienced mental health issues to understand those who have.

“You have to learn how listen to someone who is struggling and be compassionate,” Burnett said.

One of Burnett’s favorite memories of high school is the homecoming game her friend and boyfriend attended her freshman year.

“ I felt like I belonged here, I’ve never felt so happy,” Burnett said

Burnett has no regrets as she finishes out her high school career.

“There’s no point in looking back, those things are already done.” Bailey said. “Your senior year allows you to reflect on you are . “