Volleyball Captains learn valuable lessons


During the 2022 off-season, four upcoming seniors were voted by both players and coaches as the new Lady Indian volleyball captains. Throughout the following months, they were asked to lead the program in preparation for the quickly approaching fall season.

Over the summer, all girls wanting to become participants in the program had to complete rigorous workouts following the leadership of the appointed captains. Eventually came try-outs and teams were finalized after months of nerves and anticipation. The season started with sights set on success at District.

“Having the privilege to serve my teammates has taught me that being in a leadership position is more about how I can look to someone else, not how I expect others to follow my lead,” captain Amber Morgan said.

The four captains, Savannah Johnson, Maddie Fuller, Taylor Cavazos, and Amber Morgan can all agree that they have been positively influencing their teammates because of their abilities to listen to their teammate’s perspectives and always be available to care for them.

“The excitement that came along with finding out I was going to be a captain is something that I can not explain in few words,” said Cavazos.

Everyone has a different perspective and story but once someone steps into the representative spot, they can start to see how important it is for everyone to feel heard.

One of the many things we are taught is that everyone will be treated fairly in our volleyball program. This does not always mean equal playing time, but instead equal opportunities to earn that time on the court.

“Wanting to be a captain of the program is something I have had my eyes on since my freshman year.” M. Fuller said. “These coaches and this program have given me so much I feel the least I can do is lead my teammates to the best of my ability.”

Giving back to not only the team but the school and our community is something the captains all take pride in. Being a captain in the Lady Indian program teaches these girls important life lessons and leadership skills; that without their well-deserved titles, they might not get the opportunity to learn.