Guerrero to cheer at UNT


Claire Guerrero is a senior and has been cheering for over 10 years and recently announced her commitment to the University of North Texas (UNT).

Her favorite part of being on the high school cheer team was cheering under the Friday Night Lights and traveling for basketball games. 

“Being a cheer captain was really fun but also came with lots of responsibilities,” Guerrero said “It was tough but also incredibly rewarding.”

College tryouts are obviously different from high school cheer. There are three rounds of tryouts – the first round being game-day, second being interviews, and finally elite stunts and fight song stunts.

“Round one and two were easy, but round three is where it got stressful,” Guerrero said.” I was doubting myself but kept my motivation throughout the process.”

UNT is a D1 college that competes at NCA College Nationals in Daytona. This year was the first year they competed in the Small Coed D1A division and placed third. The past 2 years they have competed in the Spirit Rally Division and won.

“Tryouts were overwhelming but the feeling of making the team was so relieving and made all the emotions worth it,” said Guerrero.” I’m most excited to cheer at the football and basketball games because Mean Green Basketball is SO GOOD!”