Rachel Martin


Rachel Martin is no ordinary student at Waxahachie High School. She is a passionate, hardworking, student athlete and performer who you can always catch on the court or spot on the stage. Rachel has an overflowing passion for theatre arts, and if that isn’t overwhelming enough by itself, she has just added the year-round activity of tennis to her schedule. “I have been involved in theatre for the past couple of years, but have just this year decided to join tennis. Over the entire summer I worked continuously to get better at the new sport and have improved a tremendous amount. My ultimate goal by the end of my freshman year is to be a top player on JV. Most people might think I am crazy joining a sport this late, but I know that if I work hard and keep up with it, I will succeed. I encourage people to try new things, and work hard at whatever you choose to do, and you will succeed.”