TSA Moves to Nationals

TSA Moves to Nationals

Emma Nash (sears)

After working countless and tiring hours, the Waxahachie High School TSA did NOT disappoint. From staying after school till 10 p.m. with the on-demand team and working hard to build the best structure. Eight events are advancing to nationals.

The teams advancing as follows:

1st place events: Biotechnology Engineering- Nichole Holmberg, Joesph Jimenez, and Dhurval Rangrej.

Future Tech Teacher- Nichole Holmberg.

Graphic Solutions Biotechnology- Nichole Holmberg.

2nd Place Events- On-Demand Video- Isaac Major, Nichole Holmberg, Emma Nash, Dhruval Rangrej, Mariahelena Messina.

3rd Place Events-Structural Design and Engineering- Dhruval Rangrej and Joesph Jimenez.

4th Place Events- Sci-Viz- Danil Pak, Nicole Holmberg, Emma Nash, Druval Rangrej, Mariahelena Messina.

5th Place Events- Animatronics Team: Samuel Burkhalter, Dhruval Rangrej, Kadin Vire, Makenae Stone, Nicole Holmberg and Ethan Holmberg.

Forensics- Makenae Stone and Kadin Vire.

Good Luck to everyone who is advancing!