New store ready to welcome WHS students


Lily Sanchez, staff writer

If you love plants, and can never put your book down, there is a new spot in Hachie for you.


On March 5, Paper Leaves became the first independent bookstore in Ellis County. In addition, the second story is a plant store. The owner, Gabrielle Calvalry, has worked long days and endless nights to create the shop of her dreams, and finally, she is able to share her vision with the community.


“Paper Leaves is a childhood dream come true,” Calvery said. “Growing up I fell deeply in love with stories; magical adventures, and experiencing the world and the human experience through books”


The shop has allowed the citizens of Waxahachie to have a unique place to come together over their love of books and plants. 


“Our unique store experience allows customers to browse exceptional literature, flourishing plants, and a space for community fellowship,” Calvery said. “I plan to work with fellow local businesses and book nooks to provide our community with several dwelling places.”


Calvery’s business purpose and goals are to be present in the community and provide them with literature.


“These projects include a book/plant van for festivals and events, seating and games in the backyard, and partnering with a local coffee shop to provide food and drinks in our back seating area,” Calvery said. “The ultimate goal for Paper Leaves is to help our community grow to its fullest capacity and invest in our community members and future community members.”


As well as creating an instant hometown hit with Paper Leaves, Calvery thrives in various business ventures.


“I am a Licensed Social Worker and currently work as needed at a local Behavioral Health/Psychiatric Hospital,” Calvery said. “I also manage two Airbnbs in Waxahachie.”


Owning one business, not to mention working multiple, has proven to be a struggle for Calvery.  


“The most challenging part of owning a business is the lack of financial security,” Calvery said. “It is amazing to be completely self-reliant but at the same time it can be challenging ensuring you have enough funds to stay open, pay employees, and grow your business.”


However, she is not on the road alone. 


“I have been blessed with a great support system,” Calvery said. “My core supporters have been my mother Andrea, father Jeff, and fiance Jesse.”


Calvery’s amazing support system allows her to enjoy the greater half of entrepreneurship.


“My favorite part of owning a business is being able to directly pour into our community,” Calvery said. “It has been a pleasure to create an atmosphere where fellow book and plant lovers come to relax and find their next treasure.”


Calvery has high hopes for the future of Paper Leaves. 


“It saddens me that book stores have been a dying breed,” Calvery said. “It is so crucial that people have the opportunity to experience the adventure of reading. Paper Leaves will hopefully help Waxahachie rediscover this experience.”