New theatre director ready for the spotlight


“Every kid is a star,” Gabriel Escoto declares.“ They just have to tap into that potential, and I like to think I can help with that.” It’s safe to say he does.

Escoto is now the 4th theater director here at WHS. He finally began his teaching career after countless workshops and summer camps which he directed or taught at. After just a few weeks in Hachie, he’s already made such a positive impact on his students.

“Class! What are 3 words that describe me?” Escoto cheerfully asked his students. After a few seconds of excited chatter, various kids began shouting out positive adjectives. “Fun,” a young lady yelled. “Caring! Energetic,” shouted a few others amidst the eager chaos. 

Escoto became a teacher thanks to the inspiration of two important family members in his life, one of whom is Assistant Principal Adan Escoto, his uncle. He expressed his will to carry on his uncle’s inspiration, saying, “I just wanted to pay it back, you know?” An important rule of his is to be the same encouragement his inspirations were to him. Not only for average children, but also for those with disabilities and learning deficiencies. 

When asked about students with an IEP, he expressed that his strategy was to “have a private conversation with that particular student and come up with a game plan for them to learn the best way possible.” And while this is his first year teaching, Mr. Escoto is looking forward to teaching here at WHS long-term.

Yes, teachers are… well teachers. But they’re also human beings with a different side of life privately. Outside of the educational environment, Mr. Escoto describes himself as super fun and super geeky. “I’m like, the nerdiest person you’ll ever meet,” he says. When he’s not in the classroom changing lives, he’s snacking at Whataburger, watching Tik-Tok, and oh, did I forget shopping? “I’m basically a shopaholic,” he laughs.

Look out for Mr. Escoto when in the theater hallway and don’t hesitate to say hello. He looks forward to enjoying a fun-filled year, teaching here at Waxahachie High School.