WHS New Club is a Success!


There is a new club on the horizon.

The Affirmations Club (TAC) had its first meeting Wednesday, September 9th. However, you might be asking what is the Affirmations Club? TAC focuses on spirituality and self love.

“I thought the club was very welcoming, and I got to meet a bunch of people,” said junior Jaylen Wilcox.

Their first meeting started off with getting to know each other and connecting with one another. After introductions, they had decided to connect the club members together by making crystal bracelets.

“I got to know more about crystals, and how they work with the bracelets we made,” said Kristian Harrell.

There was also discussions about what are crystals and how they plan to go about in their ongoing meetings. The president of the club, Arielle Roberson, plans on talking about crystals, tarot, manifestations, self love, how to cleanse your space, and astrology as well.

“A lot of people struggle with finding inner peace, and loving themselves, so I wanted to create a safe space for everyone to be happy and comfortable in,” Roberson said. “It also gives them a chance to start on their spiritual journey.”

They have club meetings every Wednesday at 4:15. If you are interested in spirituality and expanding your friendship circle, you should consider this club.