Former WHS coach and teacher returns home


Erica Weber sets out to take on the challenge of being the newest member of the Waxahachie volleyball and teaching staff.

Erica Weber grew up in Waxahachie and played under current head coach Sandra Faussett when she was in high school. Being a head coach at a school in Midlothian and then transitioning to a larger 6A school meant difficulties were bound to happen, but the known tradition of Waxahachie High School made it a new experience.

Weber now works alongside a former mentor, coach Faussett, just like she did in 2010-17. The school and community have changed greatly since then, however, Webber was looking forward to the transition.

“The transition back has been very smooth. I love the coaches I work with,” Weber said. “The administration is very supportive and the athletes are incredibly hard-working.”

Coach Weber teaches on level as well as Pre-AP Geometry, but when she is not teaching she is preparing the volleyball team to take on the competition in district play.

“We have the opportunity to do BIG things in the VB program,” Webber said. “We have the experience and knowledge to compete at the highest level.”

The game of volleyball impacted Coach Webber at an early age when she saw her mother coach. She spent the majority of her time in the gym, therefore when it was time to choose a career, coaching seemed like a great plan.

“Oftentimes, people can get burnt out or need a break but that just wasn’t me. I loved the time on the court, in the locker room, traveling the state to state playing the game,” Weber said. “I knew from then on that I wanted to keep the game a part of my life in coaching.”

She currently has three little children, so swimming, playing catch, and going on bike rides, occupy her time outside of coaching and teaching. The family dynamic is important to Weber’s family.

“We have to continually be flexible,” Weber said. “My husband is extremely supportive and brings our 3 kids to as many games as possible.”

Coach Weber played volleyball at Southern Nazarene University. It was four years of learning and growing physically and mentally. The team as a whole overcame great adversity and developed tough mindsets.

“At the end of the 4 years I graduated with a teaching degree, which was even more fulfilling,” Weber said. “I then realized that it was my turn to pour out into the world.”

Playing volleyball in high school allowed Weber to compete for herself and her teammates, in contrast to college which enabled her to figure out who she was for the first time. Entering her 13th year of coaching she has the chance to impact many athletes on and off the court.

“I love the journey VB has continued to give me,” Weber said. “Playing and coaching a game I love while positively impacting my character & ability to work with others.”