WHS prepares for Abbott-O’Rourke debate


Incumbent Gov. Greg Abbott and Democratic challenger Beto O’Rourke will participate in a debate on Friday, Sept. 30 in Edinburg.

The debate conveniently falls on the WHS football bi-week, allowing many more students to watch the debate.

“I’m very excited to see them debate because I think they’ve both been very prominent Texan political figures for the past few years,” senior Morgan Lenamond said. “We haven’t really been able to see them go head to head in person yet.”

Students are excited to hear what the candidates will say about issues important to youth.

“I’m ready to hear them talk about immigration, abortion, and gun control,” junior Maylie McCorkle said. “The power issue will be a big one as well.”

Some students prefer not to follow state politics and will not watch the debate.

“I’m not really into politics, so I won’t be watching the debate,” sophomore Erik Sheutz said. “I can’t vote, and it doesn’t really affect me.”