Soccer takes over the world of sports


There is one sport that consumes people around the world right now, and that is soccer. Thanks to the FIFA World Cup, which began in November, soccer has dominated TV screens across the globe.

The World Cup only happens every four years, and 2022 was the lucky year for fans of the tournament. Thrity-two teams from around the world are competing in the host country: Qatar. Out of 32 teams, only one will take home the cup and prize of $42 million dollars.

Fans watch each game with anticipation and excitement as their favorite teams advance in the tournament. Some fans chose to root for the higher-ranking teams, while others choose to root for the teams that are expected not to win.

“Everyone loves an underdog story, and besides, I’m tired of the exact same teams getting brought up again and again,” junior Hector Rivera said.”The underrated teams need some attention too.”

The 2022 World cup has provided viewers with many surprises and unforgettable moments. This year’s cup also has not fallen short of including some history-making events.

For the first time in World Cup history, a crew of all-female referees officiated the match between Costa Rica and Germany. The Moroccan national football team also made history by being the first African team to make it to a semi-finals match.

Although the cup has contained an overwhelming amount of excitement, it has also given fans some disappointment. Arguably the biggest let-down in the tournament has been Brazil’s loss to Croatia in the quarter-finals, as Brazil’s national football team has had a stunning season and was expected to win the entire cup.

“Brazil losing to Croatia was pretty much mind-boggling to me,” senior Nathan Vasquez said.

As the tournament persisted, team after team has gotten eliminated. Now as the World Cup approaches its end, only two teams remain in the competition. Argentina and France will face each other in the final game on Sunday, Dec. 18.

“I definitely think Argentina is going to take home the win,” junior Sofia Molina said.

Sunday will be a bitter-sweet day for fans of soccer. They will get to watch Argentina and France play on the biggest stage for the biggest win in the world of soccer, the 2022 World Cup will come to a close and fans will have to wait another 4 years for this event to start again.