Coach Evans


Coach Evans is a new science teacher this year at Waxahachie High School. He has coached football for a while, but this is his first year as a teacher. He is really liking WHS so far, and he is planning on teaching at WHS for a long time.

“I’m liking everything here so far,” said Evans. “I like how well the school operates, and I like how well the school day goes on.”

The thing Evans likes most about WHS is the environment of the school and the fact that all of the students and teachers are very nice.

“The most important thing I want to accomplish this year is to teach students more about science and help students become successful,” Evans said.

“I wanted to become a teacher because I want to change students’ lives and make learning more interactive,” Evans said. ”I teach science by using interactive lessons, educational videos, PowerPoints.”

His hidden talent is juggling and balancing a pole on his chin.

“I think my students would be most surprised by the fact that Florida is where I feel happy and stress-free,” Evans said. “Every time I go to Florida I feel like a kid at heart.” Evans dream vacation is to Hawaii; he has always wanted to go there. “I think the main thing that makes me stand out as a teacher is I want all my students to have successful futures,” said Evans. “I want to make learning more fun for them.”