Mr. Loose


As you go down the English hall, you might see a bright, big smile greeting you to your day. That is Mr. Loose! While starting off as a new teacher can be hard and tiring, Waxahachie has been a special place in his heart ever since he graduated here in 2014. He says if he could make a difference in just one student’s life he’d call that a successful year. He loves to help and give back the community as much as he can, and he feels being a teacher helping kids would do just that. Mr. Loose decided to be a reading teacher because it relieves stress, and he wanted to experience something new. He decided to teach sophomores because it is an important year in terms of growth for students that he wanted to contribute to. He wants to make an enjoyable environment, ditch the work sheets, and be that kind of teacher that everyone admires in school. Outside of school, he enjoys working out, shooting photography, and, of course, reading. He loves the teaching environment so far and looks forward to this year!