Mr. Sullivan


Waxahachie High School has acquired many new teachers this year, including Mr. Sullivan, the new band student teacher. He has heard a lot of good things about the district, so when he got an opportunity to join WHS, he jumped on it.

So far, he is enjoying what he describes as a gorgeous campus with incredible facilities. In the past, he has worked in three different districts, doing private lessons, sectionals, and general instruction.

That being said, Mr. Sullivan has lots of experience. His teaching style consists of being very active, asking lots of questioning, and grabbing students’ attention. As a student teacher, his focus is on the process, not the product, so his students know how to learn.

 “Frustration is a part of the process,” Mr. Sullivan said. “The way you deal with that frustration will get you the effect you want.” 

Being a student teacher can be a stressful job. Mr. Sullivan’s most effective way to cope is by watching old movies. Some advice he has for his students is to trust that their teachers are operating in their best interest. 

Although he has only been here for a short time, Mr. Sullivan encourages more staff awareness of the culture of the students.