Mrs. Novotny


Tiffany Novotny, a new high school art teacher gives an inside scope of her new goals for her new job in the high school, and her personal life. She plans on challenging herself to become a better art teacher, teaching and hoping to help students better their artistic skills when starting her class. Outside of school, she spends her free time relaxing with family and putting her self to the test, perfecting her skills by creating some new artwork. She’s planning on helping her new students find a new love and interest in art, taking their skills even further and entering their work into junior VASE, then taking them on to the district competitions.

Novotny decided to become an art teacher, because she’s been drawing her whole life and is passionate about creating art and helping those perfect their skills. She plans on starting off her class slowly, then building up their confidence and skills, helping them build a portfolio. When she’s not doing school work, she’s at home promoting her business and spending her time with family and catering to those looking to decorate their homes. She plans to become a social media content creator and blogger outside of school. She came to the high school because she likes working with older kids, and says she likes being able to help them learn about their hidden art skills. She likes eating pizza and laying back watching movies with family and giving her all into artwork. She’s a new teacher at WHS and is looking forward to being a part of the family.