Ms. Claypool


AP Government and Economics teacher: Brittany Claypool, brought more than a welcoming smile and brightly-colored sheets of paper to WHS. She also brings the fruits of her own high school teachers and credits them as a huge influence in her life.

“Their students always did really well,” Claypool said. “They always came back to visit and thank these teachers for how they helped prepare them for the future”

Claypool came from Newman-Smith in Carrollton. While there are differences between her old school and WHS, her favorite change is the use of TRIBE time.

“The biggest difference is that our TRIBE time is used for any kind of remediation and tutorials versus only remediation,” she said. “I love it!”

Claypool came to WHS to coach the Cheyennes at Howard Middle School. So far, she’s loving her new schedule.

“I like the timing, I like that we have longer passing periods,” Claypool said. “I have all seniors, so I do like that. I like that I go from seniors to middle school.”

Besides true crime shows and Marvel movies, Claypool is also a huge fan of The Office. She’s particularly a fan of Dwight Schrute.

“I like them all, but Dwight is my favorite,” she said. “His antics are ridiculous.”

Ultimately, Claypool models her teaching method after her own teachers in order to get the same outcome; well-prepared students with good grades and grateful hearts.

“I want that exact same thing,” Claypool said. “I want all of my students to leave and realize that they’ve learned important life skills in my class.”