Mr. Wise


There are many new faces in school this year, and one new face you can find in the history hall is Coach Wise. He has enjoyed the campus so far.

“I love it here so far even though I haven’t been here that long,” Wise said. “I can tell there is a rich tradition at this school and everyone cares for each other.”

Before he came to WHS, Wise was a football coach and teacher in Alvarado.

“I was a football coach for 24 years. This is my first year just teaching,” Wise said. “Coaching was always my passion, but I have been doing it for so long that I decided I needed a change.”

Coach Wise has goals this year for his new adjustment and new school.

“My plan this year is to do the best job I can do to help out my students do the best they can this school year,” Wise said. “I hope to have a good school year and do the best job I can and blend in with the culture here.”