Job at Fifteen

Job at Fifteen

Olivia Pyles, Staff writer

The benefits of students starting part-time jobs at fifteen are the gain in responsibility, work experience, and customer service skills. Therefore, when kids grow older and have graduated high school and possibly college, then they will be able to refer back to when they had jobs as teenagers.

For example, I am a fifteen-year-old, myself. I am a sophomore at WHS, and I work at Sonic. Through my occupation, I am learning how to be responsible about money and gaining work experience for when I will attain my dream job, working as a nail technician and hairstylist. A nail technician and hairstylist is someone who does someone elses nails and hair in a salon.

Personally, I love my current after-school job. My manager is very understanding when I have to take breaks to study or when I can not come in because of my school work.

That is not all an individual can gain from working at age fifteen, one can also learn how to interact with customers and how to talk appropriately and professionally. Another example of the advantages students can receive from their jobs is that they help teenagers develop a greater sense of self. Plus, teens that work a reasonable amount of hours, less than 15 hours a week, get better grades than teens who do not work at all. Earning a wage from a young age can also help students learn to manage their money and understand personal finance.

Now, on the other hand, there are some disadvantages. There is less time for homework, and working students may not have or take the time to complete their homework. Additionally, most fifteen-year-olds can not apply to the jobs they may desire because the age requirements are sometimes 16 or older.

However, most jobs are very beneficial to learn from, and earning money to save up for a vehicle or to help out your family can be beneficial in and of itself. I recommend for every fifteen-year-old to go out and get a job.