Balancing Work and School


Zoe James, Staff Writer

I work at cotton patch as a waitress and also go to public school full time. Working until eleven p.m. most nights and waking up early to go to school gets difficult, but the key is to find a balance. During the summer my focus stays on making money. I don’t have school work getting in the way. But from August to May, my plate is overflowing with important things that need my attention. Instead of working every day, I have to take off nearly half the week so I have time to actually get my homework done. I do not have a lot of time for friends or parties. I am a very hard worker, and my favorite feeling is waking up, going to work for six-plus hours, and getting home knowing I made deserved money. The worst feeling is waking up the next day and going to school with no energy. Most people use the weekends for fun. I use the weekends as the time to sleep and work. My schedule works for me, but I know some of my friends don’t like to replace parties for work. Everyone has different priorities, mine is money.