WHS Seniors are Hungry for Off-Campus Lunch


 The first week of school it was rumored that seniors would get off-campus lunch after the first six weeks of school. However, the first six weeks just ended, and the administration has yet to announce a plan for seniors. 

           “Off campus lunch will not start next week, but there is a plan for it,”  Assistant principal Mrs. Foley said. “The idea is that the incentive program would let seniors leave for C lunch and come back for tribe and last period.”

        The biggest worry concerning off- campus lunch is the amount of time it would take students to go eat. Since WHS isn’t near many food places, students would be rushing into town to get food. Mrs. Foley even explained a time trial that the assistant principals did. During this trial they parked an AP’s car in the back of the student parking lot, waited until the lunch bell rang, and went to a local food place. They then ordered, ate, and drove back to the school to see if they could make it back in time. 

      Until all the kinks of the incentive program are worked out, off campus lunch will be put on hold. Hopefully this plan works out and seniors will be able to leave for lunch very soon.