Voters should support School Bond


Voters will go to the polls and decide whether or not the $594 million bond will pass or not on May 6.

The propositions was developed by a committee including parents, staff members, grandparents, volunteers, business leaders, WISD alumnus, etc. The plans include new elementary schools, upgrades to current facilities and a new high school.

Voters need to go to the polls and vote in favor of the bond. 

The schools in our district right now are extremely overcrowded. As homes and apartments continue to increase along with the people, the schools will continue to get more crowded. There needs to be a place for these students to go/

Having more schools provides more opportunities for kids. Instead of having one varsity quarterback, if we added in another high school there could be two.

Teachers stress levels would also decline due to the fact that there would be less students per classroom. During the first couple months of the 2022-2023 school year, several art and classes at the high school had to hold class in the lecture hall meaning the kids didn’t have access to materials they needed. 

People who are against the bond are worried about the tax increase. However, the total tax rate will only increase by approximately 3 cents. People over the age of 65 will see no increase at all. 

On May, 6 make sure you go and vote in support of all four propositions. The children of WISD need this and so does the city of Waxahachie.