Darkaun King


Karen Rodriguez

Darkaun King is a sophomore here at WHS. This is his second year on a Varsity Basketball team. His first year was at OD Wyatt High School in Fort Worth, and his second year was here at Waxahachie High School. His father introduced him to the sport at a very young age. King has been playing basketball since five years old, and since then, he has fallen in love with basketball. 

One of his favorite moments of being in basketball was him getting a chance to be on the Varsity team since the beginning of his high school career. “I felt so lucky to be a freshman on the basketball Varsity team, but at the same time, I felt nervous,’’ said King. “However, being part of the Waxahachie High School basketball team has been the best part of my experience this past year.” 

King is so excited about the next two years he has left at WHS, and he is playing better and better every day.

I feel like I’ve been doing much better than I have been since my freshman year, and I think my personal growth has been because I am a part of the Varsity team. It might be hard, but it is the best push I have ever had.

— Darkaun King




Featured Image credit to Kirk Holt (Photo Journalist for the Waxahachie Daily Light)