New Girls Basketball Head Coach


Scout Burns, Staff Writer

Larry Holman, former assistant girls basketball coach, gets hired as the new head coach. Coach Holman has been the basketball assistant at WHS for the past two years. He has been able to build relationships with each of his players; in hopes of them to buy into his new vision for the program.`

This offseason, the Lady Indians have been working hard to prepare for the upcoming season. The team wants to put out the best product of themselves, so everyone in the community enjoys watching them.

In this little time Coach Holman has been the head coach, he has already shown the players how much he cares for them and their future.

“I am excited that Coach Holman is going to be our new coach,” sophomore Emma Schmeltzer said. “I can not wait to see what he is going to bring to our program.”

Be on the lookout for these Lady Indians and their new coach. Big things are coming in the near future.