Legendary coach Faussett-Stoops retires, former player Erika Weber named head coach


Recently, legendary coach Sandy Faussett-Stoops stepped down from her illustrious career.

“I felt it was time for a change, not only in my career, but in my life,” Faussett-Stoops said.

Her greatest achievements include, but are not limited to: 710 wins to just 237 losses, 21 consecutive playoff appearances, 19 bi-district championships, 16 area championships, 12 regional quarterfinal appearances and one regional semifinal showing in 2022 (Sports KBEC Insights). All of these accomplishments have led to her being universally regarded as a top ten volleyball coach in state history. 

When asked what her greatest achievement is, Faussett-Stoops did not point to her laundry list of accomplishments. Instead, she regarded that “helping young women represent Waxahachie on and off the court, even if they never play another minute of volleyball afterwards.”

Her peers and contemporaries have nothing but praise for the former coach.

“It was always a challenge playing against her teams, because you knew they were never going to give up,” a former player said.

Coach Faussett-Stoops is credited with creating the winning tradition of the Lady Indians, as before her arrival, the Indians posted consecutive losing seasons.

“We will miss Coach Faussett-Stoops’ leadership as head volleyball coach and girls’ athletic coordinator,” WISD Athletic Director Greg Reed said. “We are so grateful for the 21 years she gave our district, and we wish her all the best in her retirement.”

Faussett-Stoops leaves a legacy of lessons with her retirement.

“My legacy is being able to know that I helped to change the lives of young girls, that any former Lady Indian can say ‘I played for Waxahachie’ ,” said Coach Faussett-Stoops. “They can tell their kids what they accomplished here and have happy memories.”

The school has promoted Erika Weber, former junior varsity and varsity assistant, to the head coach position.

“I know the system inside and out, and I know I have a lot to live up to,” Weber said.

Weber is a former player herself, a stand-out libero in high school.

“I always knew she had the potential to be a head coach, she’s one of the smartest players I’ve ever coached”, said Faussett-Stoops.

Weber is an experienced coach and brings a unique style to all of her teams. She was very sought after by many schools after her graduation in 2006. She served as Waxahachie junior varsity and varsity assistant coach for the Lady Indians from 2010-2017, and then spent a year in Cuero.

Weber was named the head coach at perennial-power Midlothian Heritage in 2019. She returned to Waxahachie this past spring as a varsity assistant after posting a 49-28 overall record, 23-1 district mark and three 4A playoff wins over two seasons at Heritage.

“It was always a part of my plan to come back to Waxahachie one day, to be honest I thought it would take a little longer, but I’m here,” Weber said.

Coach Weber is holding the burden of keeping the winning tradition of Waxahachie alive. She also however, has the full support and confidence of WHS behind her.

“Coach Weber brings strong varsity coaching experience, great leadership, and a wealth of knowledge to our volleyball program,” Reed said. “We are excited for our teams to continue their work and relationship-building with her, and know that we will see much-continued success from our volleyball teams at all levels.”

The coach’s philosophy derives from her mentor, former coach Faussett-Stoops.

“She [Faussett-Stoops] taught me not only how to win, but how to win the right way,” Weber said.

Coach Faussett-Stoops’ philosophy is, according to Weber, pretty simple. She summarized one should always play for the benefit of the team and to play as hard as possible with maximum effort.

“When a group of players play for the team, it’s incredible to witness, and almost impossible to stop,” Faussett-Stoops said.

Weber has taken these principles into her coaching career in stride.

“I think the most difficult part of being the Waxahachie head coach is trying to create my own legacy, while also acknowledging Coach Faussett’s incredible contributions to Waxahachie high school, luckily she’s been extremely supportive of the transition, for that I’m grateful to not only her, but all of Waxahachie,” Weber said.

The former coach has publicly stated that the pair often exchange advice. 

“If I have the ability to pick apart the mind of one of the greatest coaches, you better believe I’m taking advantage of it,” Weber said. ” I know I speak for many when I say I wish I them both success in their new endeavors.