Harrison Bultman


What’s up? My name is Harrison. I have three sisters named Hillary (25), Hannah (18), and Hyland (17). I am youngest out of all of them (Obviously). I’m 15. My birthday is November 25 and I’m a Sophomore at Waxahachie High School. I’m in the Spirit of Waxahachie Indian Band. I am from New Orleans and moved to Texas in 2014. I was in Cross Country my Freshmen year as well as Track and hope to continue Track this year. I’m interested in Photography and am also an adrenaline junkie of sorts. I like Rock Climbing, Skydiving, and Free-running. My favorite subject is Earth and Space Science. I also love my three cats. I have three cats and two dogs. Their names are Spock and Archie, Lori, Miller, and Lil Bit the SoundCloud Rapper. Some interesting facts about me are that I’m Sagittarius and I was in Taekwondo. Also, I’m known to be a Trouble-Maker.