Prom King and Queen


This year’s prom was held on April 9, and one of the most exciting events of the night was the crowning of Prom King and Queen.  There were four nominees for king and four for queen, but only two could be crowned winners.

The lucky pair was seniors William Lockhart, and Vanessa Garza. Lockhart is a senior at WHS who is involved in theater, and broadcasting, and also won Homecoming King back in October. Vanessa is also a senior at WHS who is involved in band, and golf, and was on homecoming court back in October as well. It was amazing news for Lockhart when he heard he had won. “It was a cool moment and none of it would be possible without my peers,”  Lockhart said. “Also, nothing would be possible without the Lord above.”

It was an inspiring moment for Garza as well. “I felt so loved and happy that I have so many friends who were so excited for me and cheering my name,” she said.