Interact Club starts Feminine Project


In an effort to provide feminine products for girls at WHS, the Interact Club started “The Feminine Project,” an act of service in which baskets are placed in all the girls’ bathrooms.

The baskets include tampons and pads donated by members of the community. The project was the idea of Interact President senior Lily Sanchez.

“It’s just a big problem overall because feminine products can be so expensive and a lot of women don’t have accessibility to that,” Sanchez said. “I think it makes girls feel more welcome at our school and it makes them feel safer and feel at home.”

Sanchez’s co-president, senior Morgan Lenanmond, agrees that the project is important.

“The feminine project helps every girl. It also helps the people who don’t have the resources to buy feminine projects and it’s really important to provide them for everybody who needs them,” Lenamond said. “It’s something so simple that really impacts my own community.”

The girls at WHS are grateful for this project.

“I would say that they have done a very nice job, it was a very thoughtful thing to do because a lot of girls are too scared to ask,” freshman Victoria Valdez said. ”I think it was created to give some girls comfort because it can be stressful going through stuff like that during school.”

A project of this magnitude requires lots of contributions from different people.

“I think it is good because it does help a lot of girls who aren’t prepared for having their periods,” freshman Kathryn Minier said. ”It feels good.”

The high school counseling department is also on board, helping secure donations.

“I think Mrs. Melick and the Interact Club are doing a really good job,” lead counselor Belia Martinez said. “This is something that will always be a need for girls so we should continue this project and expand it in every way possible.”