Students work towards success for County Show


Over 100 students work over the course of a year in order to make the sale at the Ellis County Youth Expo. They raise their animals and spend thousands of dollars in order to win a sale spot. As agriculture students compete during the year, it all comes to the end in March.

At the show, students show their animals and get judged and placed. Their placing determines whether or not they have a spot in the county sale.

This year, over 45 students got a spot in the sale where they were able to win money and scholarships.

“Making the sale is important so that students can earn back money so that we can get another animal next year.” says junior swine showman, Kylie Hernandez.

For some, the years end off in a sad goodbye, but for others, it’s a sweet success. With the help of family, friends, and amazing AG teachers, students are taught the value of leadership and showmanship. 

In the sale, buyers exchange your animal for thousands of dollars. This money can be used by the student in any way they want.

“I am excited to get two new pigs next year, bond with them and hopefully make a sale at the end of the year,” junior showman Ally Jowers said.

Students get their animals as early as May, right when school ends, and students begin to spend their days in the barn working towards the first place spot. With ribbon, banners, and buckles, raising a show animal is all about the win.

“Raising a goat and rabbits this year has taught me how to be a healthy competitor and it taught me to be accountable,” junior goat and rabbit showmen, Anaya Borjas said. “Every student with an animal has to be at the barn at least two times a day to feed and work their animal. ”

While the animals are gone now, each of these students will never forget the lessons that the animal taught them. How to be patient, persistent, and that you need to work towards your goals. This year, agriculture students had great success at the Ellis County Show and had a great day at the county sale.