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Boys basketball is back


The basketball team has started up their season with non-district games and tournaments,  they are hopeful for this season as they have some skilled players. 

The season has opened up great for the team though they still have some issues with communicating on the court that they are refining.  

“We communicate well together on and off the court but there is still some spots that need improvement,” said junior Captain Parker Jefferson. “All together we are far from perfect but striving for everybody to be on the same page and to not become complacent and selfish.” 

The players are all special in their own way, in which they all hold their own unique cards because each individual player has a different approach to how they work.  

“My work ethic and commitment to this game is what makes me unique” said sophomore captain Trae Nunn. “I have worked countless hours on perfecting my shooting, dribbling, defending, rebounding, and passing so when I step on the court I know I am prepared.”

Transitioning from off-season to in-season is a smooth transition for some and for others their is some bumps in the transition because they come from football. 

“The switch from football to basketball started off a little rough but I’m starting to get the groove” said senior Jeremiah Rucker. “No matter how rough the transition is, I wouldn’t trade it for anything because I am blessed that I get to play both sports.” 

Defense and offense are both still a little rusty but Head Coach Johnson is making improvements to be able to improve both sides where he sees fit. 

“Coach Johnson puts us through drills that are game like speeds to make sure we know as a team how a game speed is going to go” said Rucker. “ Coach always has our back and even when he gets frustrated we know as a team that he does it out of love.” 

This team has a different aura that surrounds them that other teams don’t have because they never seem to be visibly upset with each other and they play well together on the court. 

“The main thing this team has that others don’t is brotherhood, even off the court we are all good friends and that’s what helps us play well on the court together” said Jefferson. “This year’s team is something special and I’m stoked that we have a close knit bond so when it comes game time we all can come together to get the win.”

Motivation is a big part that comes with the game of basketball because sometimes it gets hard and players loose all peak performance. 

“Reminding my teammates that no matter what, we all have one common goal which is the state championship” said Nunn. “Just letting them know that it’s hard because it hurt to go out the first round last year but we will do whatever it takes to get to state this year.”