Colorguard Solo Creations

After Colorguard’s winter season ends, each member is required to create a one to two-minute solo using their own choice of music. Within their solos, they are given total creative freedom, from dancing styles to the design of their flags.

Sophomore, Grace Blackman, chose to do her solo using the song “Medicate” by Gabbie Hanna. This song is a “sad” and “hopeless song,” said Grace, which is why she chose this specific song. In the creation of her solo, Grace chose to use a blue flag, a rainbow flag, and a rifle to show “that there is an up and down constant that comes with bipolar disorder,” Grace said. Her absolute favorite part though is the dance-only section at the end because it is “very flowy” and “it goes really well together as a whole,” Grace said.

As a past rifle line member, sophomore, Hope Liebel, chose to have rifle moments in her solo, but she prefers “dance over anything” because she has become “much better at it,” Hope said.  Unlike most other soloists, Hope chose to perform a classical piece. This classical piece, “Experience” by Ludovico Einaudi, is performed with equipment that is all blue and white to add consistency to the solo.