Sophomore Playoff

Sophomore Soccer Player Amiyah Carter and the Waxahachie Indians Girls soccer went into playoffs. They were Coach Venable’s first team to make it to round three in a while.

“It was the dedication and the memories that made the moments matter,” Carter said.  The girls kept everything together and made it as far as they could.

As Carter’s first playoff game of her high school year in her words, “It went better than I expected it to be.” Carter’s sophomore soccer year went just as she planned. Carter although had a good year she also got defensive player of the year and also 2nd team region. She has had a big year for just her sophomore year with many more to come.

“The seniors were the main reason we kept it together. It was the dedication and knowing this could be their last game,” Carter said. The girls wanted to play for there seniors and keep them in as long as they could. Carter kept her dedication and meaning as she stood and played her first sophomore playoff game.

“The sad moment of knowing it would be my last time playing with the seniors I’ve known for two years just made me push harder,” Carter said.

As Amiyah Carter hopes for the next playoff year to go even better she keeps her heart and a good mindset. The defensive player of the year will go right back at it again for two more years.