2022-23 Cherokee Charmer Officer Tryouts


Maddie Dunn, Staff Writer

The Cherokee Charmer 60th Line Officers were recently announced on Saturday, April 30th after a long day of tryouts. The new officer line was congratulated by their friends, family, and directors, and officer ranks were announced shortly after.

“I am so excited and honored to serve the 60th line as their captain this year,” 60th Line Senior Captain Keziah Hanna said. “I am looking forward to seeing the successes that this team achieves, and the amazing memories that we are going to make!”

Keziah Hanna was selected as Senior Captain, Maddie Dunn was selected as Junior First Lieutenant, Hannah Ridgway was selected as Senior Lieutenant, Jaelyn Salas was selected as Junior Lieutenant, and Lauryen Seay was selected as Junior Lieutenant. The 60th Line Officers were given the name of the Fancy Five to correspond with the 60th Charmer Line theme of “celebrating sixty.”

“I am so thankful to have been given the opportunity to serve the 60th Charmer Line with my new fellow officers,” Junior First Lieutenant Maddie Dunn said, “It’s going to be another great year and I’m so excited for all the new memories with this amazing group of young ladies.”

The Officer candidates endured a two-week process that included choreography, teachings, interviews, and much practice.  The newly selected officers are ecstatic for the journey ahead of them and say the whole process was well worth it.

“It’s always a nerve racking process, but I’m truly grateful for it,” Senior Lieutenant Hannah Ridgway said, “I’m excited to spend the year with a fresh new team and see all the amazing things we accomplish together!”

With the new season about to start, preparations for next year begin. The Charmers have new line practices scheduled during the month of May until school gets out to start preparing for the upcoming season. The Fancy Five Officers also will attend an Officer camp in June to work on their craft, preparing for their new leadership positions.

“I can’t wait to be a leader of the 60th line and see what our team can achieve this year,” Junior Lieutenant Jaelyn Salas said.

“I’m excited to get to know the team and lead them to a successful year,” Junior Lieutenant Lauryen Seay said.