Fashion Week? More like Fashion WEAK.


This year’s fashion week was a complete disaster.

Most of the brands that participated were big brands, but some had major plot twists and collaborated with small brands. Fendi, Puma, and Marni were the top brands that collaborated.

Fashion Week is hosted at the Fashion capitals New York, Milan, and Paris. This week the designers had went more for urban outwear, we have been in urban outwear for about three years now. Honestly are we even trying to design any more? I asked other Fashion Week enthusiasts who were COMPLETELY in distress with the fashion choices.

”I feel like Fashion Week overall was just terrible. They went off trends which made the fashion really bad,”said Taylor Bowman.” The main issue with the designers, is that they were unpractical. I could not see anyone wearing that out in public.”

While Addison Gallagher had the same opinion but a different view.

” I honestly felt like there was no theme with it. There was no correlation with what they were wearing,” said Addison Gallagher. “The designers were trying so hard to be creative and bring something new. I mean we are in the 21st century so everything is pretty new”.

We are in the 21st Century, but bring some old patterns and styling it with 2000’s high wasted pants and making them cargos is unacceptable. Hopefully next year we will be able to actually design and come up with new aesthetic trends for our era. We are just repeating our same old fashion history. Get it together GWORL.