New Blooming Business

Waxahachie Floral design classes, now known as “Hachie Blooms”, is now offering teachers a monthly subscription to the Flowers Of the Month Club. These teachers will be given a small arrangement that corresponds to that month’s holiday or event.

Advanced floral student Kylie Hernandez says the class is “preparing them for floral designing jobs”.

“The funds from this club go 100% to paying for fresh flowers and containers,” floral teacher Janette Middleton said. “All of the money goes directly back to the club to provide the best for supporting teachers.” 

This club is something beautiful to look forward to every month, and is a simple way to give back to the school.

“The prices might change in the future in order to make a profit,” Middleton said.” But as of right now, this hand-delivered arrangement is incredibly affordable for the beautiful piece that each teacher will receive.”

“My goal is to get my floral certification,” junior Kylie Michener, said. 

The flowers of the month club gets students some extra practice in preparation for their floral certification. This certification will allow them to get floral and horticulture jobs outside of high school.

“Another goal this years is to get more people involved in the FFA by getting them hooked in floral class,” Middleton said. “Traditionally, most horticulture and floral students don’t get involved in the FFA.”

So through this monthly subscription, floral classes are able to expand to other students, and get more people involved in ag and in the FFA.