Swimmer crushes 20 year record


Do not sleep on the WHS Swim team this year. The team has been crushing records left and right. Senior, Asa Condor broke a 20-year record of the 200 yard freestyle at the Waco Midway Spooktacular meet on Oct. 29.

Condor describes the relief he felt as soon as he looked at the time board.

“I was stressed every time I swam the 200 free,” senior Asa Condor said. “It was amazing to see that I finally beat the time with a 1:57.92. It felt like a big weight being lifted off my shoulder.”

Condor became very invested in swimming during the summer of his sophomore year. He joined a club swim team and started putting in the work.

“The summer of my sophomore year I joined MAC, a really good club swim team,” Condor said. “I would wake up at 4:40 in the morning every day to get to Mansfield at 6 AM and swim for 3 hours. Later, I would go back to the pool at 3:30 PM and swim for another hour. “

WHS Swim coach, Coach Pruitt, was not able to see Asa Condor break the record because she had a relative’s funeral that same day, but Condor made sure Coach Pruitt knew that he broke the record.

“I get a text from Asa that morning, saying he was going to break the record for me and my family,” Coach Pruitt said. “And as soon as he broke it, Asa immediately texted me with so much excitement. It meant a lot to me that Asa was thinking of me and my family during a tough day.”

Coach Pruitt expressed her pride that she was able to have her first swimmer break the 200 freestyle in her years of coaching.

“I’ve been coaching for 15 years,” Pruitt said. “I’ve had many excellent swimmers try and take down this record and many have came up short, but being able to see Asa break this record was a very special moment during my coaching career.”

Condor looks forward to breaking another record in the future.

“Swim is a patient sport. It takes time, speed, and stamina,” Condor said. ” I would like to be able to try and break the 100 yard backstroke event as well.”

Being a senior, Condor will soon leave his fellow teammates. He offers words of advice to them.

“Enjoy it while it lasts!” Condor said. “It doesn’t always matter about winning or shedding off time. I mean it’s always a plus, but you should always have fun doing what you love. It shouldn’t feel like a job; It should feel like a sport.”