The Race is On!

The sun is coming out from behind the clouds and there is no better time to be at the Racetrac. This Racetrac is not full of cars or horses, this Racetrac is filled with frozen…

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Principal Benskin Receives His PhD

Success is the realization of worthwhile goals and dreams. Principal Al Benskin has received his PhD after many years of hard work. “It feels like a big load has been lifted off my shoulders because…

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Lookout for the Leaders

This Friday, the Spirit of Waxahachie Indian Band will hold its final audition prep clinic for its potential leaders. In these clinics, band students review the proper way to march, learn to properly conduct 2/4,…

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High School is a time of change. From freshmen to senior year, a lot can happen. Yeah, people change, but is that a bad thing? Senior, Erick Ontiveros, said his “attitude changed a lot” in…

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One Act Play 2015

One Act is a UIL competition play  that is forty minutes long. Each High School in the area comes with a prepared play and competes for the title of  State Champions. This year Waxahachie is…

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A Mission Not So Impossible

The outstanding home of the Indians, Waxahachie High School, is on a mission to rekindle some school spirit. “I think it’s kind of sad that people think it’s not cool to cheer for their own team….