Hurricane Harvey


Hurricane Harvey has impacted more than just the people standing knee deep in dirty water, it has affected the family members closest to the individuals, who cannot stop worrying for the health and financial situations of their loved ones.  


“Six or seven of my cousins live near Liberty,” Junior Preston Robinson said.

“One’s mother had to evacuate with her newborn baby.”


Thus far, 30 people have died and countless others have been injured.  Children and adults alike are fearful of where they will live when the storm has passed.  


“My older sister had to move from Galveston to Austin.”Sophomore Stephanie Skonetski said.  “She was forced to evacuate and her dorm is almost completely flooded,”


Colleges have had to completely disrupt lesson plans, as well as high schools and junior highs.  At some point the students will have to go back to class, ready or not.  They will have to adjust to the shock of the hurricane whilst attempting to recreate a learnable environment.


“I just moved from Victoria.” said Zoe Hewlett, senior. “My friends at West Victoria High have to deal with a caved in roof.  Most of them evacuated by choice, but they still were affected.”  


Hurricane Harvey will continue to wreak havoc on people’s lives for years to come, but the best thing others can do is help the people who need it.