The Race is On!

The Race is On!

The sun is coming out from behind the clouds and there is no better time to be at the Racetrac. This Racetrac is not full of cars or horses, this Racetrac is filled with frozen yogurt, snacks, coffee, and dozens of fountain drinks.

“I am so happy that the new Racetrac is finally open.” Sophomore Saray Vasquez said, “I always get my coffee from there. The coffee is really good and is at a good price.”

Waxahachie’s prized Racetrac has been under construction for months and was just recently reopened. The new gas station has more pumps and almost twice the space.

“The new Racetrac is such a good size. There’s so much more room so there is a lot less traffic.”¬†Sophomore Sam Choate said.

When you walk into the gas station and walk to the right, there is an assortment of snacks, hot and ready foods, and refrigerated drinks. Straight ahead is the check out counter with smiling faces welcoming you in. To the left is a coffee station fully stocked with creamers, sugars, and a wide variety of coffees.

“I love all the new options for snacks and drinks,” Junior Megan Gaither said. “I stop every day before school.”

The newest and most popular feature is the frozen yogurt bar. Along with the frozen yogurt machines, there is a bar full of candies, sauces, and other toppings.

“The new frozen yogurt is delicious!,” Sophomore Abby Patterson said. “It’s also cheap and has so many options for toppings.”

The opening of Racetrac is exciting for all of Waxahachie’s residents and visitors from around the county. Don’t be surprised when you run into a classmate getting gas, a snack, or even frozen yogurt!

“They even have sauerkraut for your hot dogs!” Sophomore Mike Rundgren said.