Underdog Sports


Football, volleyball, soccer, and basketball. All sports that students know a lot about, such as what day games are, what time, and where. Some students don’t realize that WHS has more than those four, or if they do, they could care less.

Tennis is one of those neglected sports. A student never hears anything about tennis in the announcements, making tennis unseen and not supported. The tennis team gives one another a tremendous amount of support and it’s amazing to watch, but where is their spirit section? Other than a tennis player’s family and close friends, there’s rarely any other students at the tennis meets.

Junior Evan Acepcion said, “no one knows we even have matches, no one cares.” These students have a burning passion for their sport only to find out they are invisible to the student body.

Breanna Pecot said, “It’s not that I don’t care about tennis, it’s that I don’t know when anything’s happening.” The tennis team has been in the shadows, even more so now with the new head football coach and the fairly new Lumpkin Stadium.

The football team was spoiled with new equipment this year all because of the new Coach Kitna. Tennis works for what they get, and even then it’s nothing in comparison to what the “popular” sports are getting.

Senior Kayla Stellick said, “We are appreciative of the charmers for bringing the tennis team cookies. We don’t receive a lot of support or attention and the little things we do get, really touch our hearts.”